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Thread: Creating drop down Menus in FLASH?

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    I would like to build a dropdown menu in Flash. Can anyone help me with a simple and fast solution or point me in the direction of a tutorial?

    Thanks much

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    Create a movie clip put a stop action in the first frame. put a button in the first frame that says goto frame 2 and play. put a key frame in frame 3, make a rectangle the size of the button, turn it into a symbol, put a keyframe in frame 8,14. In frame 8 make the rectangle the size of the drop down menu you want. Put a stop action in frame 8. Put a tween action for motion in frame 8 and frame 3. Now in frame 8 put your buttons in the new drop down list. Drag the movie onto the main timeline. And there you have it a quick and dirty drop down menu. Regards, Bill

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