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Thread: ------------loading Movies On Levels--------------

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    ------------loading Movies On Levels--------------

    heres the deal:

    I have three main sections on my site.

    Ex. contact, about, product.

    I want to load external swf.s into these 3 sections. In these three sections there will be about 5-10 diffrent swf's per section.

    Now here is the Question:

    Last time I made a site like this there was like 10 diffrent swf.'s loaded on the main time line, level 0. For each swf. I loaded I had them load on another level.

    this turned into a pain, when I did the coding, because for each swf. (which were on diffrent levels).

    I had to tell it to unload each movie, and load the new movie in its place.

    each button had to say , unload swf car, unload swf house, unload shoe,

    I was thinking that there has to be an easy way to say, unload the movie, which is in its place and replace the new swf. there.

    I have seen the unload all movies? is this what I am thinking of?

    basically all the external swf.s which are loading do not need to interact with eachother, and NO TWO need to be loaded at the same time.

    All I want to know is if there is an easier way to have them load, and replace eachother, without in the coding having to type in, all 15 names of the swf's telling them to unload.

    i hope this isn't too confusing. It's hard for me to explain.


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    It is hard to explain.

    If I were you I'd just have movie clips rather than external swf files, and have one big, common library.

    Much easier, but I don't know if that's practical for you.

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    As each level can hold only one swf at the time, you dont have to unload anything as they will replace each other.

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