I'd like to see:

  • Both styles of layer mask
  • Smaller exported projectors (they're like over 1mb now!!)
  • Spell Checker
  • A "rollout" state for buttons... this would save loads of times in creating complex buttons with rollout effects
  • Get it to re-load the library pallete open the loading of a document
  • Better movie protection
  • Full 32-bit Alpha for those Spark vids would be cool
  • Support for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop filters for quick changes to vector paths and imported bitmaps
  • When the timeline is a floating pallete on a secondary display, it doens't remember it's position... it always tries to be on the primary display, so I have to drag it back
  • A fuction that makes a sound loop INDEFINATLY... I'm getting tired of entering "9999" every time I want it to loop... what if a visitor stays on my site for over a year?
  • And all of the other stuff other peeps have been saying...