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Thread: duplicateMovieClip depth problem

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    duplicateMovieClip depth problem

    Hi I just began with actionscript,

    Made a tile script that should work with any mc.
    Checks resolution and makes enough duplicates of mc to fill screen.(Didnt like the fill tile in flash cuz it stretches the image)

    still got a view problems:
    1) the duplicates are above other layers. and should be under.
    2) like the stage widht/height be same as resolution of user.
    |-->use set(Stage.height, System.capabilities.screenResolutionX);
    but doesnt work..

    check out .fla

    If someone could help me I would be realy gratefull..

    You cannot achieve the impossible without attempting the absurd

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    as far as I know, if you load a mc using script (such as duplicate movie clip or attach movie clip) it will always appear above content that you have placed on the layers ( by dragging them from the library or drawing them in flash, or whatever.)

    I geuss the only way to have your dynamically loaded images to appear below the content is to dynamically load that as well, in levels above those of the other MC's .

    But if some one else knows how to do this, hey, I'd love to know.

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    The dynamically created content will appear above the content created in flash within the current timeline.

    Hence you could place a movie clip (container) on the bottom layer of your main movie and inside this clip attach movie clips at various depths. any content in layers above the container clip will still appear above the attached clips inside container.

    Stage.width and Stage.height are read only properties. you can set the movie to fill the browser window by publishing the movie with the html publish settings

    dimensions: 100% by 100%
    scale: No Border or Exact fit

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    Thnx for the info..

    gonna try it as as soon as get from work

    You cannot achieve the impossible without attempting the absurd

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