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Thread: Sound quality not good

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    Sound quality not good

    Hi there,

    I am about to create an EXE file to distribute on CDROM.
    The music that I play (MP3), even though I leave it as original MP3 quality, when I check the .exe file (and also when I do Ctrl-Enter) the quality is a lot worse. Why is that? Can't I keep the CD quality?
    After all, as it's not for the web, there is not a size issue.

    Thanks in advance for any indication

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    It has nothing to do with size. It's what flashplayer can handle. It's just not capable of handling higher sample rates which are needed for good quality sound, whether in an exe or a swf. Check out this thread, FAQ #27:


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    Admittedly, I am a bit dissapointed! ....

    Thanks though!

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