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Thread: Project on Extremely Tight Time Frame

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    Project on Extremely Tight Time Frame

    I am a college student with a design firm that was started in high school about 4 years ago. We did real good business while in town, but have been trying to wind down projects so we will not have anything "active" when we return to school at the end of august. We continue to get contacted for projects and have accepted as well as turned away a few this summer. We are set up to be done with everything by the beginning of august.

    However, today we got contacted for a project I would hate to turn down. A fairly big website as far as content is concerned, but nothing on the back end. Piece of cake for the money. However, I would like it to be started and completed from around August 5 to the 15th.

    Would you reccomend trying to work on this tight of a deadline? I could tell them now to put all content together over the next 2 weeks and we will do some marathon sessions to get it done. I know we could get the work done in that time, it's just I dont know (as well as all of you know) whether or not the client will be on the ball enough. The contract will obviously have to contain some strict guidelines and penalties (would that work?) to get it done.

    Would it be kosher to respond to the potential client with these conditions? or should we gracefully decline? your thoughts....

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    Re: Project on Extremely Tight Time Frame

    You should quote them a certain length of time, not from the current date but from the date you receive content off them.

    Ie, the project will be complete 10 days after the content is received therefore if the site is late, it is their fault.

    I'd be careful here too as clients have a habit of being lazy and laid back when they need to provide content but very attentive when they're waiting for something to be completed.

    Good luck
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    I would definatly charge them more money. Some like it's $___ for it to be done in 4 weeks, but if we work 16 hour days we can get it done in 2 weeks and it will be $_____.

    and I totally agree with above regarding clients and content and waiting.

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    thanks guys...

    we would do the "from when we get content" thing.... but the point is regardless I need it done by the 15th...

    wrapping up a project when you're out of town is a *****

    thanks for both of your help... I was definitely curious if the more $ would come up

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    you keep saying we. is there someone else with you? why not just leave whatever is left to him when its time for you to leave (or does he also want to finish up by august).

    if necessary, outsource part of it so you can get it done on time
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    someone else as in my roommate at school...

    haha, thanks

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