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Thread: Beginner with Beginner ?'s

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    Beginner with Beginner ?'s

    [/COLOR=darkred]Ok, you guy's are going to think im just about retarded for posting this but oh well. I use 3d Flash animator 4 rather than macromedia flash. Here comes the really dumb question. How can I open a .fla with this? Another question that's probably pretty n00bish: How do I make something that moves randomly? I have a simple game in progress where so far all you an do is move and theres another thing that is supposed to move randomly then pop up its head every 5 seconds and if youre on its head you die. Someday It'll have more to it...but anyways, i can't figure out how to make the movement of the thing random. Help me out here. and one more thing. I have another game going that's going to be better someday (I hope) and I cant figure out how to make it so you can pick boxes up by touching them. You have a little man and when he goes up to a box i want it to disappear then give me more mines by increasing a variable (I can make it increase but not for touching the box) and then display the increased number of mines in the corner on my edit box. basically all i need to do is understand a function to make it pick up the box when i get to it, the rest is childs play. help me here. signing off.[/COLOR]
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    You cannot open an FLA in 3dfa or any other flash editor other than Macromedia's.

    As for random placement. If you check off that an element has properties you can then handle it in script.

    The element's position is stored in element.x and element.y so to randomly place the item randomly set it's x and y properties.

    As for the pickups again use scripting and on collision of the character and the box hide the box or move it off screen and increment your variable.

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    ok, i kinda understand what u mean about collision thing, but i cant seem to get the code to work. when i open the game it brings up an error box saying "Expression could not be resolved on line 3 "if element ("Idiot Box")" it would really help if someone could post a code for me. The character is a paint. i hope that's not the problem, and its name is idiot. it belongs to the layer idiot. and also in that layer is its area box, Idiot Box. the object I'm trying to make him pick up is called Mine Box and is also a paint. Once they collide, i want it to add 3 to the variable "landmine number" which is then displayed in the edit box thanks to a script. the first script that i have for making the Idiot Box pick up work looks like this:
    if element ("Idiot Box").collideRect ("Mine Box")
    landmine number=(landmine number+3)
    This is in the starting script. after that theres another script that says:
    missle number=mn
    landmine number=ln
    weap="missles: "mn"" <br> "mines: "ln""
    These codes just arent allowing the program to open. help me out with a code that would work please.
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    Hi Nireks...,

    The discussion going through this post: http://www.flashkit.com/board/showth...hreadid=470719 is probably pretty relevant to you, and the examples might help.

    A couple of quick observations on the code:
    1. The if statement needs brackets
    if (myfirstelement.collideRect(mysecondelement))

    2. I'm not sure if you can have spaces in a variable name. Try without:


    3. You probably need the collision detection in a script in the main movie, rather than the starting script. Again, the example on the other thread demonstrates that.

    Let us know how you get on.

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    Thanx a lot, now most of the script is working. Theres one little part that isnt though, and it happens to be the most important. (probably). i know its a really sorry question but just how do u make a variable? becuase when i start my game it says null undefined variable cannot be recognized... well, itd help a lot if someone could tell me whats going on here. I'm not sure but i think that i have to do something like:


    to create my variable but im not sure, so if neone could help me out as forumnewbie did just a second ago with this even simpler question, id be very greatful. thanx. signing off-
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    Am i that dumb...?

    Did i seriously just post that? i feel like a complete idiot... oh well, now lets get down to more advanced stuff, the fun crap like AI. now how on earth do i make a game where the AI fires on you, such as in the oooollllllddddd Megaman games? AI is completely confusing for me so gimme input plz . and another thing...the most complicated task ive ever tried to take on...dum dum duummmm...jumping. i have NO IDEA how to work jumping. help! im talkin like jumping in a sidescroller like megaman. (can you tell that i like megaman?). AND i need to know how to make it look like youre actually moving in the game, like ya know...when you move u actually see the character's feet move. I'm probably getting in way too deep way too fast but i don't care, code me up if you will. thanx in advance.
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