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Thread: Pricing question.. just adding sound to .fla

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    Pricing question.. just adding sound to .fla

    I need to add sound to a .fla file for a client. It's basically just replacing one that's already there. The sound starts as soon as the fla file starts. It's for a pretty well established company and they may need me to do much more of these in the future. How much would you charge for this? Thanks- Chirs

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    Pricing questions usually go in the board room.

    However there is no set price for such tasks.
    Consider the following:
    - what's a fair hourly wage for your services, how long will this take you?
    - do you have to make the sound yourself or is it simply replcing a sound with one already provided?

    If there maybe future jobs/work available with the company, you must impress them.
    If the job takes 10 minutes, and you charge $30 an hour, they really only owe you $5.

    Now if you give them a bill saying you charge $30/hour and the job took 10 minutes so they owe you $5. They are more likely to hire you again for bigger jobs because you were honest, AND they already know your average wage.

    I hired someone before from scriptlance who took a 10 minute job of moving a database, said it took 9 hours and tried to charge me $20/hour. I could have done it myself in under 45 minutes, and any experienced person could have done it in under 20 minutes. Needless to say I never hired him again.

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    if you have to do the sounds yourself....to save some time just buy a sound, a loop, there are plenty of sites that sell them....charge for what you spent in the sound, and a rate based on time....although if you already have the sound, you could do it in 10 minutes as flipshark stated, so you'd add 5 USD.

    Now if you create the sound yourself(Specially if it isn't sound but a piece of music) it'll take a little longer, so you could charge about 29,99 .

    Flipshark is also right, the best way to make sure you'll always have work is to try to trap your clients, so they always hire you. You gotta consider:

    -honesty, it's important.
    -Nice prices (check out your competitors prices, so you can now how much you can charge)
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