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Thread: but it doesn't help me

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    but it doesn't help me

    already happy that someone answer me

    i explain again my pity situation

    i downloaded the sounloops here ,not in mp3 or wave but the flash track . so i got 2 files : the data and the player
    i insert the player in dreamwaver as a flash ande so i looked in the preview in browser .
    it works the player appears but you have to switch on the button to listen the music .

    so my question :

    i would like the music start when the page open without to switch on the button

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    If you want the music to start automatically you will not need the player because the music will be waiting for the play button to be pressed before it works. Is everything else to do with you site written with dreamweaver? If not just insert the sound in a new layer in your flash movie and it will play when the page is loaded.

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    but it doesn't work----

    ok i don't need the player

    but if i insert the file .swf (downloaded here in sound loops )
    in dreawaver as a flash file , it doesn't play in the broswer (even with autoplay , loop parametre)

    so what can i do ?

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