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Thread: a new start

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    a new start

    bye bye http://www.web-works.be! R.I.P. me and my partner made a new site, new name, new design, new everything...


    Please check it en let us know what good, wrong..

    It would be a great help, thanks

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    Increase the FPS on the navigation part so it feels more slick. Great colors and gradients. You may want to fla****ize the image of the grass (or whatever it is) so it feels less static. Great work

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    Dec 2000
    thanks for feedback
    navigation runs on 45 FPS, should it be increased?
    the picture part will be animated more, that is planned, you're right there.

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    I like, but.... why is home not a button with all the other buttons, this might have been done on purpose for some reason, but i just don't get it... also it doesn't seem to be running at 45fps....

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    I think it's much better.... much, much better... I looked for the home button thing that was mentioned earlier and i think he went to the wrong site... anyway the site is nice very clean... It seems a little static, I agree with making the grass move...
    Good Clean site

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