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    Flash-PHP Scoreboard Help

    I built a Flash-PHP score board using the following Flash kit tutorial:


    It works great. However, I want the Flash movie to prompt the user to enter their name ONLY if they have received the high score.

    The scoreboard is a movie clip (instance name scoretable) with 10 dynamic text fields inside. They are named
    SCORE1, SCORE2.... SCORE9. Data from a highscores.sco file is pulled into these text fields.

    I figured that I would simply write and if statement to evaluate if the current score is greater than scoretable.SCORE9. If it is, then prompt the user to enter their name. Otherwise, there would be a screen that just says "Game over."

    Try as I might, I cannot get Flash to read the value of scoretable.SCORE9 to make that evaluation. Help!
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