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Thread: new skating site please check

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    new skating site please check

    im almost done making my new skating site and would like some people to criticize it so i can try to make it better and mainly just learn how to make better sites, every section works except for 2 (S.F. and animations) but if you could just tell me what you think of it that would be great

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    Nice content. Seems like you have all the technical stuff down, just work on the design of the site.

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    I'm not too crazy about the vertical navigation...Try to relocate it...But that's just my opinion.

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    Make sure you deinterlace the video, it hurts to watch it. I like short clips like you have it. Virtual Dub has a great video filter by Donald Graft called "Smart Deinterlace" it works great.

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    it's "blading" damnit!

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    im not really sure what you mean by Deinterlace im gonna try to download that program and figure it out, but in the mean time it would be nice if you could tell me

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    You see the lines in your video? Look at contrasting edges it makes the video look a liitle too rough to fully enjoy all the cool tricks you guys are doing. When you capture the video do not compress it until all editing, color correction and filtering is complete. When you have the comp ready then do your compression last. Are you using the pro version of Squeeze?

    I hope I can help. I am not very good at explaning myself through type but am willing to try

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    ok i think i know what you mean, but when i capture the video it is excellent quality, i just convert it to a lower quality file to put it on the web, because when i initialy capture the file, it is .avi and each clip is about 15mb, also i use adobe premier 6.0

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    Yeah, the vertical nav needs to be horizontalized. Yep, horizontalized.

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