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Thread: stop and play external.swf via main.swf scripting

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    stop and play external.swf via main.swf scripting

    Blah, blah... what long winded...

    Simply, how to I tell an external swf to stop via Actionscript written in the main movie (and also play)? Or if there is an example on Flashkit?


    If you need to know...

    I have a main swf file loading in several external swf in layers.
    This is working.

    However, my external swf files are text areas (that then load their relevant external .txt file).

    Now this all works but (from a cache perspective) Flash displays the text file regardless even though I am controlling a movieholder type thing to be of zero alpha if external.swf not loaded and 100 alpha if loaded.

    Now, this works perfectly for vector elements and pictures but it keeps displaying the text box (with it's text) before it actually should do. Weird!

    Of course I can fix this by putting all the text into the layer movies instead of external .txt files but I don't want that.

    What I am needing is to send 2 simple instructions where the main swf instructs the loading layer.

    All I'm needing is the code for the main swf to tell the external (about us) swf to stop at the (about us) frame (1) and play at (about us) frame (2).

    [* Frame 1 on the external will be blank. When the external movie has fully loaded, it will stop the main movie pre-loader then play the external movie at frame (2) and then display it.

    * Frame 2 on the external will hold the text area and vector elements... the reason it's not all on frame 1 is Flash is displaying the text area even though it is instructed not to. This works for everything else bar the damn text box]


    Thanks in advance.

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    once a swf is loaded into another swf, you can access this swf the exact same way as you would with another mc using the instance name of the object in which the swf was loaded

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