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Thread: Check my Flash Forums Beta 2

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    Check my Flash Forums Beta 2

    Hi Guys

    I am looking for as many people as possible to signup and use my Flash Forums which have just gone to beta 2. Basically I need to be able to identify bugs quicker and just testing on my own. If you havnt guessed so already its a forum made from flash and uses php with mysql as the backend.

    If you take the time to register I will approve your account and you will be able to post. I will appreciate anyone who takes the time to do this and help me get the bugs sorted The URL is www.flashforums.com


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    Its nice but its really nothing new.

    www.phpforflash gives u everything u need if u buy the book to create ur own forums with flash and then there is www.theory7.com that also offers files for purchase for a flash forum also but never the less nice work.
    And i didnt join because i dont need to be another member at another forum .


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    Thanks for taking the time to look. The board was build from scratch by myself without any aide from the above. I also have a fully working Admin Control Panel to go with that but thats for admins only

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    the thing is great, but looks too normal, looks like a php page, come on man ITS FLASH, jazz that puppy up, and I would love to pick your brain a bit with some of the code, buts jazz that poppy up make me feel like its truly flash and that will be SWEET!
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