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Thread: My Remake - Critique Please :)

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    My Remake - Critique Please :)

    Ok, it's not close to finished... but you can get an idea of the general direction of my new site.

    As of now:
    - None of the buttons work.
    - There is no preloader.
    - It's on a crappy free host for the time being.
    - And there are no sounds.

    All I've got so far is some of the intro (I'll be adding more to it). But I would still appreciate any feedback I can get before I go further. (To get a better feel, I suggest after you finish downloading it you hit refresh to see it the way it's intended, being there is no preloader yet - don't worry it's small).


    This is a remake from scratch of my 1st self promotional site which can be found here: http://www.crazydave.onestop.net/threelefts.htm (This ones not so small hehe).

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    well it looks ok, but im not really sure why you posted it cause there is not much to critique

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    relient k fan?

    relient k fan? they just came out with album titled "two lefts don't make a right... but three do." www.relientk.com

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    Watch those fonts... 3 already on the homepage.

    It still seems sorta "bland"

    I know you just started it. But maybe try and find a color combo with 2 main colors and a nice complimentary accent color.

    Also... you might want to stay clear of blue... it been used sooooooooo much...

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    - That's exactly why I posted it chichachocha, I wanted early critiques so I can get things going in a good direction sooner.

    - Relient K? Don't think I know em... but I guess it's not like I made up the saying right? Hehe... I've had that as my little slogan for a while now.

    - There we go, thanks for giving me something I'm looking to hear dyldebus! I agree that it is still a little bland in the color department. I'm trying to decide on a 3rd color for it... any suggestions?

    Keep 'em comin'!

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