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Thread: windows look alike scroll bars and site search engines help

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    windows look alike scroll bars and site search engines help

    Hi all,
    Last time i was here there was a newbie discussion board so i dont know if i am in the right place?
    Okay my problem is i dont have much time and i have a slow 28k connection.
    what i want:
    I want a nice pale blue windows scroller to put on to my site
    I will have a small box with text links to scroll through and would like the scroller to be a windows look alike.
    could you post the link to the open source movie (in movies)

    I would also like a on site search engine. Not a search engine for the web but one to search my site.
    My site will be reviews of gallery shows so lots of pages of text on site is there a search engine for my site. ie to search through my site only for key words.

    I am not bad at flash but still a newbie with a very slow connection could some one help me find what i am looking for
    Thanks all keep up the good work

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    you will probably get more help here on the scroller - and more help in scripting and backend on the searchy thing. Since you said "lots of text", do not expect flash to handle it, but look for a serverside solution


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    This link has 3 free to download search engines for flash. You need to join the Flash Exchange, which is painless and free.


    If you use the component scroller, the colors can be changed in the skins folder of the component when it's in the library.

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