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Thread: best set up for quick repsonse button? Appealing to all u pros ;)

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    best set up for quick repsonse button? Appealing to all u pros ;)

    Hi guys...

    I've been trying to find an ideal way of setting this up for ages - hoping the flash wizards among you might be able to point me in the right direction...

    I want to set up my button to start playing a movieclip on rollover - then carry on playing it on rollout. I've set it all up and it works - as long as you move the mouse pretty slowly...

    Quick sum up:
    movieclip, 1st frame empty with stop action, labelled for 'in' and 'out' animation - stopped in the middle - last frame return and stops on 1st frame
    button script start playing 'in' label on rollover and 'out' label on roll out

    Now the problem is that even though the rollover seem to work fine - the roll outs respond too irratically... when trying to jum between buttons to quickly... it just hangs, sometimes as bad as not showing the next rollover movieclip....

    I've tried putting extra buttons around the actual button - to have 2 roll over actions instead...

    Anyway, I'm hoping someone might know the best way to get this kind of thing to work...
    I've attached the file I'm currently working on so you can see exactly what I mean....

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