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Thread: Visitor.com 3.0 site check please

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    Visitor.com 3.0 site check please

    This is the latest version of my own website, Visitor.com. There's not really any content to speak of so for right now i'm simply looking for opinions on design and layout and ease of navigation. Any constructive critisism is welcome, good or bad. Please take some time to look this over and tell me what you think. Thanks all!!

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    nice and clean site. Simple. I like that. Didn't care for the font on the splash page. Didn't look right to me....like it was too big. Then on the main site I didn't care for the font there except I did like it where you have the dictionary listing of the word visitor. I liked that. I guess to clarify, it was just the text on the splash page and the navigation text the all cap letters and the url under the visitor logo.


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    Thanks for the feedback

    Great feedback!!! now that i look at it, i think you were right about the font selection. so as of right now new changes have been made. nothing is permanent and not that i'm trying to put a bandaid on this with quick fixes, i'm just trying new things out. i've redone the font scheme so let me know what you think. thanks!!

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    I enjoy brown/tan color scheme. Most of the sites I design have it.

    Anyways, I like the layout of the site. I'm not to fond of the transition effect on the incoming text. It just looks to blurry when its building up. I think it goes against the rest of the site which is sharp and crisp. What is the text actually doing when its at an angle like that? Perhaps take the skew out.

    The binary code behind the digital self content interferes with the content just a tad. Might want to address that.

    I'm not sure about the font that you are using for the bottom three buttons. Perhaps you could use a smaller pixel size of the fonts used for "news" and "updates". It would flow better IMO.

    One thing I was hoping for was that the images would actually change for different sections.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks again for the feedback! I used the larger pixel font for the bottom navigation in hopes that it'd be a little easier on the eyes and also to take up a little space in the box. i'm struggling with what else i could fill the extra space in the boxes with in the bottom navigation if it's not a font i'm using to fill the space with. the font in the news/updates seciton will be changed as well.

    as for the text in the content windows. i was experimenting with that a little. it's sort of filling in as it's scewing in towards you. right now it's okay for the little text i've got there but once i really get something in there it's going to kill my framerate so yes i'll change that as well. it was just a little experiment of mine.

    thanks for your input!!

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    FYI images now change when you select different links

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