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Thread: Site check please

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    Site check please

    This is the second post for this site. i've made some major changes since my last post but still not much content to speak of. but again...i'd like some opinions on layout, design, and ease of use. thanks to everyone who gave me some usefull feedback the first time around!! i look forward to seeing any new insight you all might have. thanks for your time!!


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    My AD blocker blocked the popup; rename the link to 'Launch site'.
    The second picture on the left looks a bit strange and unatural, maybe you shold not have streched it like that?

    Everything else looks nice.

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    Nice layout and black and white design.

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    i like it, as potential...

    good color choice, nice photos, easy navigation but the content is where i think you should work more on... those scrollbars could look better and i don't really like the font in the titles.

    overall i think you're in the right track. good luck.

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    in my opinion, much better. I think there are too many variations on the fonts, but I don't think that is a deal breaker kind of thing. It is fine as it is...


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    Love it... My senior year I did an independent study in motion graphics and my professor challenged me to a black and white animation, it's tough to do. You put a nice layout together, I had a few small issues...
    1. The scrollbars are transparent and seem confusing... maybe they will be different when they scroll.
    2. section "static" has some color in the bacground image where the rest of the site appears in a grayscale or single tone (which I love).
    3. All of your buttons react to the mouse button going down, which in my opinion is totally throwing me off, they should really react on the release comand, not the down command.
    4. Fonts... figure that one out but somethign needs to change. I don't think the site really screams for the pixel fonts you are using. I like the font your logo uses, mayeb try that one for everything. One font should cover the entire site.
    5. Though I love the color scheme (with the modification mentioned in #2)I would think about using a single color maybe even if it is just for the logo or something as an accent.

    Overall I really like it and would love to see it with the content on it..

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    I don't like the fonts you used in the news, updates and the title fonts. You have chosen some very nice images, and you should reward them with some sexy fonts. The ones you have now just don't do it for me.

    Same with the scrollbars. Looks like Windows 95. Make them more sexy.

    Question, is there a reason why you are throwing this in a pop-up? Why not leave it on the opening page?

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    Thanks for the feedback!!

    First of all, i'd like to thank all of you for you time and the great feedback. we all have busy schedules so it's great that you all took the time to review this.

    Right now all the fonts and scrollers are purely temporary...specifically the scrollers. those weren't designed for this site and i simply put them in there to get the scrollers functional. those will be changing and i've got some really cool designs for those. but i agree...they're ugly. Fonts are a large issue right now. i'm finding it difficult to find a font suited for the site. while i want some variation, i don't want anything to seem out of place. when i first posted this site it was using plain non-pixel fonts such as arial and a few others but it seemed too muddy, which is why i went to the pixel fonts. So i guess i'm looking for some suggestions/examples of a good combination of fonts for headers and text body. my goal is to have a font layout that's both sexy and practical. i've heard some gripes of certain pixel fonts being too difficult to read due to their size. but their's no way this site's getting out without some really cool font layouts.

    my girlfriend was particularly happy to see that most of you liked the images, she took most of the black and white images herself. some have come from various sources. i do have an extensive library of images so if any of you are looking for some good black and white stills for your sites feel free to contact me at scion_2412@yahoo.com.

    thanks all!!!

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