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Thread: Flash Header project

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    Flash Header project

    I'm taking Jamble's suggestions from this thread and posting this here to avoid any rule violations. I did want to offer this to the Flashkit community in an effort to return something to the place I have learned so much at.

    Now to the point;

    I am looking for someone that is interested in creating just the Flash header for web templates. We have a full staff creating the graphics and coding the templates. What we could use is some good Flash work to appeal to a wider market and enhance our strong graphics work.

    All of our templates are sold customized, and to only one client. This is how it would work in the beginning. You would create the Flash and provide us with the swf file for display in the gallery. All headers would have the typical "Some Company Logo here" in the Flash file. When the template is sold, you would be contacted with the Company name to include in the swf. Once you send us the swf with the customizations, we'll pay you at which time you'll send us the fla. In time I am sure we can work out better arrangements but this would protect us both as we get to know each other.

    Once the sale of a template is complete we have 48 hours to deliver the customized product. The product is then removed from the gallery assuring the client they have an original.

    If you are serious and reliable you can contact me for further information at watcher@thevirtualillusion.com.

    Thanks for your time...

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    I would be interested in this. However i would not do it unless i were first payed for the header and then more payments upon sale of the templates. I have had experiences before with templates and people don't seem to want to pay people for making them.

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    Thanks for your reply but we have had a lot of responses from folks that are willing to work within our guidelines. The lion's share of the template work is done by our staff. Having a Flash header that and no FLA doesn't work for us either. We too have some experiences with templates and we won't pay in advance for anything....

    Best of luck!
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