I have code in a prototype defining a text field as so:

DraggerClip.createTextField("tf_draggerText", ++this.depthCounter, 0, 0, 0, 0);	
DraggerClip.tf_draggerText._width = 160;
DraggerClip.tf_draggerText.multiline = true;
DraggerClip.tf_draggerText.wordWrap = true;
DraggerClip.tf_draggerText.autoSize = "left";
DraggerClip.tf_draggerText.html = true;
DraggerClip.tf_draggerText.leading = 0;
DraggerClip.tf_draggerText.htmlText = "<p align='center'>" + getDrag2Text()+ "</p>";
DraggerClip.tf_draggerText.embedFonts = true;
DraggerClip.tf_draggerText.setTextFormat(new TextFormat("Futura Md BT", 15));
DraggerClip.tf_draggerText._x = Drag2LeftMargin;
DraggerClip.tf_draggerText._y = DraggerClip.title_txt._y+DraggerClip.title_txt._height+50;

A couple problems...
It displays ok unless i comment out the autoSize. Then no text is rendered on the stage. I don't understand that behavior...i've tried with several different width values without any change.

But my main problem is returning the height of the text. I need to pull this value so I can play a clip that adjusts the background depending on how many lines the field wraps to.

I was under the impression that this value was immediately available...no need to let a frame or 2 elapse as we did in the days of Flash 5.