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    Tear me apart! Ok don't tear me apart, but tell me what you think. I'd like to know what you think or if there is anyway to improve this site.


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    its not bad, lots of stuff here. i ddont liek the spinning disc in the middel, makes me dissy! and bright green isnt my favourite colour either, buts its very well done!

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    ok. Not a bad site. Things I would change: the cd spinning does make you dizzy. I don't really care for it. I clicked on "see our extensive music list" on the front page, on that page the sizing of the fonts doesn't seem right. What I mean is you have equipment which is the section the music list is in, but the music list text is bigger then the equipment text. I would decrease the music list font size and increase the equipment text size just a little. This is actually the case on all the sections. Under links, the "event planning resources" links are all in red. Very hard to see. As another change I would get rid of the red header and make it green or black. Make it fit in to the rest of the site. Make the links a green or black also, it would contrast against the grey background better.

    hope this helps.

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    nice site. I really like the header and drop down menus. The spinning CD doesn't bother me.

    What I would change is the content section. The red title bar seems out of the place, and the gray table looks good, but could be better.
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    add some sound on start up... was expecting to get some beats


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    Yeah, the sound would be great. I like the site a lot, but I do not like the green.

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