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Thread: Last post before completion...

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    Last post before completion...

    Design is completely done. New scrollers are in place as well as some new fonts and some content. all of the input i've gotten so far has been extremely helpfull so thank you all for your feedback!! just need to get some last impressions of this before all content is added and it goes live. you're all probably sick of looking at this by now this has been my baby for some time now. when it goes live i'll post one more time to see what you all think. thanks again to all of you!!


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    its awseome, lack of sound effects is a turn off for such a great looking sight, or are my speakers turned off? too lazy to check. also not being able to drag the scroll bar sucks, everything else is fine, loading time is good, transitions are good. be proud..the things i complained are minor, except maybe sound. i got a post in this site check please go and comment.

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    lack of sound and graphics! its not bad very well done, but way too much text and nto much else im afraid. and maybe a tas too much swish, lol

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    Yep, needs some sounds. Clean site all around though with a very good concept.

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    yep, nice concept. I don't like the colors, but hell, i love blue, so it's kinda obvious i don't like brown that much

    Good site though
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    go directly to go, collect $200, and give yourself a big hug - best site ive seen for a while

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