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Thread: php forms

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    php forms

    hi everyone,

    i use to make all forms of my proyects for cgi and asp use,
    now i change servers and the new one only uses PHP,
    im not strong in programming and as i know anything about how to deal with PHP,
    i need some help on how to make a simple form and php code for this forms,

    the forms are basically normal, with the details of the person to fill it up (name, mail, add, message, etc)
    and they have a title which difference one from each other, so the receiver knows from which chapter of the site it is about.

    could anyone of you give me a hand on this ??
    ive read some tuturials but they are really a mess, at least for me, and they mix php with pearl, etc,
    should be a clear and simple way of doing it,

    ok thanks in advance,



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    hey oceanus,

    first send your variables to a php script

    the php script should be something like

    $subject="subject of mail";

    This script creates an email with the variables from your flash movie.

    Hope to help you out

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