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Thread: Please Test This For Me

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    Please Test This For Me


    This project has a deadline in 6 hours. I just need some testers to watch it and see if anything needs fixing. Most importantly, I would like you to fill out the form at the end so I can test it. Try clicking the yes/no buttons a few times if you want, and please enter valid information. You can put keith@axiomflash.com as the email address if you dont want to enter your own. thanks everyone for your help.

    Keith Guerin

    aim: axiomflash

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    dunno how much more time you have but, its really good although I think you should;
    - Add some soft music
    - When the bird scales down to go to the corner, myabe you should make it flash out with white and then flash in up in the corner, it just looks abit jagged when it scales down.
    - Maybe change the font at the very end where it gives all the details, it was alittle anti-aliased.

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