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Thread: wrap problem with arabic text

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    wrap problem with arabic text


    i have found a way to write the arabic text in flashMX ... in macromedia site,

    i made a text file and wrote all the text i need in variables and saved the file as UTF-8 format.
    In Flash i created dynamic text box and name it with the variables name in the text file... and included the the text file ...

    it's working fine...

    but i want it scroling text so i used the scrollBar Component in flashMX and assigned the dynamic text to it ...

    everything is fine for now ... but the text are not wraping fine

    as example whe i write : "Welcome to FlashKIT"
    it appears like this : "Welcome to Flas

    notice that i checkd the option for multiline.
    in english its work fine but in arabic ... i faced this problem...

    so if any one have a solution please help me ...

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    No body know ?

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    i have a similar problem...

    i am using the al-rassam software to convert arabic text in a windows document, to usable text.

    this text is put into a utf-8 encoded text file and loaded into a text file.

    this works okay, if the text displayed fits all into one line. however, if the text wraps onto two or more lines, it goes wrong.


    the sentence: "hello, this should be
    some arabic text."

    comes out: "some arabic text.
    hello, this should be

    ie. the first line is at the bottom of the paragraph.

    writing code to sort this out would be an absolute mofo, anybody got an idea how to fix it easily?


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