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Thread: Inspiration without Ripping

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    Inspiration without Ripping

    I look at all your sites, for inspiration.... I'm starting to work on my own... but don't want to be accused of ripping. Any words of wisdom... Especially if there are other sites that are using the same color scheme. I've created my logo, and there are certain colors that will and will not look decent with it.

    My color scheme is the same as Crystal Advantage... Orange, Grey, White, Black...

    My site will be consulting, not nescessarily web design etc... I've been 15 years in the IT business and my background is primarly programming/networking (ASP.NET, VB, Lasso etc).. But I am wanting to get into the webdesign arena..

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    I suppose you can't 'rip' colors, just as long as the layout is original.

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    tough question

    I would say borrowing elements on a conceptual level are ok to a certain degree, but if you compare what you did and what you took it from and they are remotely the same, then you are gonna be in a world of hurting. Try taking the inspiration and then developing it further to encapsulate what you bring to the table. NEVER assume that someone will never found out...

    case in point, I was going up against another firm for a design two weeks ago. I know the person pretty well that I was bidding to and they told me who I was up against...turns out the company had ripped a site we did back in 2001 and used it as their own...

    moral to the story:

    I posted our old site and then called my contact and showed him...we got the job...

    The web is a big place but still a small world is some aspects.

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    i guess the test should be - do you think it looks so much like the other site that you would call it ripped - if you can answer honestly no then okay. I think it's a difficult area, you could look at site blah and say 'thats a rip of xxxx' and it happens that the designer of blah never saw site xxxx before.

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    Just make sure you understand the basic elements that will be needed on the website, then create the site without looking at any online. Make it come from yourself and make it genuine.

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    Sound is also a tell tale sign that something has been ripped, look around for original sounds and post them here for us to check
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    agrees with above.

    after uni, and talking to people on here the one thing ive learnt is to get out there.
    expose yourself to as much stuff non web related as you can.
    even things like mtv, latest films (such as matrix setting web trends)
    all sorts.

    nike could not have done the tv ads they did unless they went and research street games.
    do the same mate.

    and have fun
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    Thanks all

    I've always been good on the backend stuff... logic, integration, etc... Saying that... All my designs tend to be symetrical. Boxes, etc spread evenly apart... What I've noticed somtimes the best designs are adhoc placements of elements.

    Also.. I'm having problems with relaying things as Computer Networking, programming, consulting etc in a artistic design...
    I don't want it to look too corporate, but not look like a portfolio site also.

    Just need the wife, kids and dog to leave me alone, so that I can inspire to be artistic...

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