Hi guys , TY for past help on my e-photo album. I am in middle of new project here and well im not sure if this is rite place i can post this question but i have used several Flash MX forum and not been able to get any help , My project that i am working on, well i created an what we will call my TV Remote, It is a 4 button with window on top of those buttons to display button name ( if u would like to see it i posted it here http://www.stitches2remember.com/cbul7210.htm , It is at bottom of page) well i need this object to stay together and be able to be moved around page using the OnDrag command, I have tried creating it as a symbol but i loose adjustability and cannot set the buttons to display proper portion of the page , i found same thing if i was to create it and use it as part of a Loadmovie command , i also have tried to just copy and paste the frames and group them but some reason it looses the buttons ability to dispay in its window, any clue on how i can go about creating this object to do what i am looking for ? also any comments on my artwork on site i mentoned above is also appricated Cbul7210