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Thread: hands on....line

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    CHECK IT OUT! ... please :)

    hey guys

    please could someone check this site out for me and gimme any feedback on how easy it is to use. any hints to make it better would be appreciated

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    I think you should center the site, or do something with the area around the site. It seems empty.
    I don't think the "HANDJOB will you give me one" text is a good choice. Maybe change it to something decent?

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    Clean, refreshingly different.
    The usability heads will say, why have someone drag when they can just click.
    The nav takes up quite a lot of horizontal and vertical space. I usually don't suggest buttons on the bottom but it's not a very tall design, so if you did that you would have all the space to the left to use.
    The site links should have a roll over or something but your probably getting around to that.

    Load the latest version of 6, clear your cache, and try to revisit my site. Please let me know if you have the same problem.

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    did unstatand the hand consept untill i moved my mouse over it....
    dunno what the site is really gonna be based around, but the draging of the hand will be too complex for alot of web users to under stand

    hell i was on the phone with a woman the other day and she asked me about a site she went to and the pointer didnt change to a hand and she thought something was wrong with her computer

    so be sure your target can grasp the consept
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