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Thread: what file type for video display??

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    what file type for video display??


    I've been asked to make a video play on a web site.

    Do you suggest asking them for a MOV file type, and then breaking it into flash frames? Is there a more eloquent way to get it to play on everyone's computers?

    Thanks so much.

    (Sorry if this info is out there already.)

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    If you are planning on leaving the video in flash you need not break it up into flash frames. You can download a component that will control an embedded quicktime (and probably other types) of movies right in the flash movie you are runnngin.
    Flash MX has awesome video compression tools. Try doing a search both here on flashkit and macromedia for video and definitely check in the macromedia exchanges for the components to add controlers and such in the flash movie.

    good luck,

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    Thank you Steve!


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    i've found it more useful to use quicktime instead of flash for showcasing movies. have a link to html page with the movie in it. you can use popup window with properties so it doesn't load into another full size window. you can see examples on my site.


    go to editor work section. i could be not getting what you're trying to do. the movies on my site have been run through a program called media cleaner. you can customize compression setting for the quicktime movie. the :30 second spots started at 20 megs, but got them around 2 megs afterward, with good results.


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    Your site is beautiful, Kelly. I love your videos!

    Thanks for the information/advice - that helps!

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    thanks for the kind words. i think it's ok, always room for improvement. still learning as i go.

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