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Thread: Please help, Exporting Premiere to Flash

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    Please help, Exporting Premiere to Flash

    Hello all, first time poster, and I'm sorry if this has been covered before. I'm trying to shoot some video on green screen and then export it to Flash. I'm just not sure how to get it done, but there has to be an relatively easy way, without having to resorting to keying out the background in every single frame, one frame at a time.

    I shot the video on DV, then imported it to Premiere. Keyed out the green screen, but not sure how to save the files as Gif sequence, and keep the transperancy. Has anyone done anything even remotely similar to this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciative.

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    not sure if keying out the green screen will export to anything as transparency. you'd have to create a matte (alpha channel) to do this i believe. in after effects i can tell a layer to have an alpha, and then export a quicktime.mov with it embedded. not sure if premiere can do the same. i don't think flash will even import with the embedded alpha. haven't really tried this though. good luck. didn't really help you.

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