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Thread: What do your quotes look like? and........

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    What do your quotes look like? and........

    Just wanna know what u guys put into your quotes and what they look like? Anyone got an example for me to view?

    Plus i've been asked to do a website similar to www.cartier.com. I already have quoted a price but i'm curious what u guys would charge just check I haven't over/under charged.

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    This is a very crude estimate, but here goes.

    Initial Design: 3 layouts (2 hours per layout).
    Revision I: 2 hours
    Revision II: 2 hours
    Scanning and Image manipulation: 10-15 hours

    Graphic Implementation and Development time: 25-40 hours. (40 if dbase is included)

    Maximum total hours 65 @ R220 per hour: R14 300, which translates to US $1930.

    Thats the way I normally break down a quote. Combine that with a solid contract and you've covered yourself well. Of course, I normally have sign-off after each stage of the project.
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    I budget 18 hours for design (assuming that this is a custom design), which includes 2 revisions. Another 7 for HTML & CSS coding, plus 2 for cross-browser/platform "tweaking". Another 6 goes for adding content/additional pages. In total, a basic site (no programming) starts at 40-50 hours.

    A quote should be more that just "here's the price." If you really want the project, you should create a fairly detailed proposal. If that's what you're wanting to know, here are some links that might help:

    How to write a winning proposal
    How to write a basic web development proposal
    What should a proposal include?

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    Awesome, thanks guys!

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