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Thread: text shape tweening

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    text shape tweening

    I have a problem with creating a shape tween with text.

    I found these steps on the forum but the result wassen't what it had to be. It did'nt morph at all.

    "Type in your first text in the first frame and hit CTRL + B.
    Go to frame 10 and press F6 to insert a keyframe.
    Delete the text in frame 10 and type the text that you want the first text to morph into. With the text selected, hit CTRL + B to break it up.
    Select the first frame and in the Frame Panel choose Shape for Tweening."

    This picture indicates my problem. There is no arrow on my timeline.

    You can find my flash-file at this location. And maybe someone can fix it? http://users.pandora.be/sint-katrom/morphing.fla

    Probebly I did something very stupud wrong but thats life...

    Please help me!

    ps:sorry for my bad english

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