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Thread: Print, Advice Needed

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    Print, Advice Needed

    Im just wandering into the world of print, Im going to be making slick sheets(8.5x11) for a company, they need to be at a very high DPI, the max is 1200, but if you make a new document in photoshop thats at 600dpi is 5k pixels wide, how do you work at this size? Im finding it almost impossible.

    Can I just make it at 72 DPI then blow the image up to 600dpi? Will it turn out well?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    No, you can't blow up a 72dpi document to 600 or 1200dpi and have it look good. You can go the other way and reduce it without a problem, but this way would result in extremely poor image quality. You generally want to start out with the resolution set to what you will eventually be using it at or larger then reduce it if you have to, but you never start out with a lower dpi than you plan to use in the end.

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    Thanks, have also gotten alot of advice from others.

    Going to be alot of work making it look nice at that size.


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    Also good to keep in mind that printers work with line screen. Understanding how the dpi/ppi conversion to lpi works will be quite helpful.

    This info might be of some interest

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