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Thread: how to make crisp pixel fonts

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    how to make crisp pixel fonts

    This is for anyone that wants to know how to use crisp pixel fonts. Firstly you need some, I suggest Fonts For Flash Click here. They have a free trial for some really nice fonts (namely Atlantis and Harmony IMO).

    Ok, you have installed your font (I hope) and you have opened up flash. Now create a textfield and start typing with your selected pixel font, when you have all the text you need, change the properties of the text so that your text is "Dynamic" and "Multiline" and make sure that the size of your text is in multiples of 8 (8,16,24 etc):

    Ok next we are gonna make sure that the top left corner of the text is on a whole number, to make sure this is right just change any decimal at the end of the y and x to 0, so for example, the left picture has been changed to the right:

    OK, we are almost done, now the thing to never forget is to embed the characters, to do this click on the "Character" box and choose "All characters" (your text should still be selected):

    By the way, it's up to you if you want to leave it selectable.
    [update] nice some stuff:

    -if your textbox is contained by a movieclip. The movieclip has to be position on integeres (so instead of 0.23 put 0)

    -if you use ṕxel fonts in dynamic textfield, and the text formated as html, usually the <b> tag won't work.

    -u usually think pixel fonts are two small. Or sometimes you'll need a font you know isn't available as pixel font. This software is quite handy, not free though: http://www.kgroup.ru/ converts normal fonts to pixel fonts.

    -Warning: not ALL pixel fonts must be set to 8 or multiples. There are some pixel fonts that should be set to 10 or some other value for optimal viewing. Those are rare, but you still have to know that.

    Any comments or suggestions welcome.
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