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Thread: Cuttin Out Images

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    Cuttin Out Images

    Hello everyone I need help with the best way to take images, and cut them out fron the background so I can turn them into custom shapes (I'm working in PHOTOSHOP7) I have tried to use the extract filter, and trace around it, and I have tried to use the wand, and also just erase around it. But when I creat the new work path to turn it into the custon shape it's not clean, and the images are not as detailed as I would like for them to be. I need some people full body shot, and I've tried to do it wit a picture of myself, but I'm having no luck...

    Is ther another way to get the results I seek? Or do I just need a steadier hand???

    Thank you,

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    you could try this tutorial wich uses shape layers :

    what I usually do is trace the image with the pen-tool then extract the bg.

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    if u give me the photo i can do it for u

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    Sense... Thank you for the tut, but I could not get the result I was looking for...

    Prateek1... Thank you for the offer, but I'm the type of person who likes to learn how to do it, instead of allowing someone else to do it, but I do really appreciate it...

    Thank you,

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    the only way of achieveing vector silhouttes is to trace them either with the pen tool, or in illustratot /similar appz.

    if you find it difficult with the mouse you can buy a tablet and trace it. 'tis the best way.

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    filter > extract use the highlighter to go around it. will be a bit messy so u have to clean it up its the quickest way to get an extraction from the background but not the best but if you just want to make a silhoutte then its fine just clean up the edges and make the whole object white or black or whatever colour you want.

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