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    Hi folks.

    This guy needs a web site.
    1. I would like to know how much to charge him for a shopping cart that is translated in 4 languages.

    a shopping cart costs x
    each language will cost y

    2. What's the average and fair price for html pages?

    html coding
    x dollars per page

    3. Hourly fees are already established: $25/$39 per hour. Is this low or good?

    building the site
    hours x hourly fee

    For a website that needs a logo, a shopping cart in four languages, art direction, an estimated 30 html pages,
    how much shuld I charge him based on the above breakdown?

    Thanks a lot, I really don't want to sell myself short and, at the same time I don't want to overchatge and csare off the client. Between me and you, it seems like the client has money.

    Take care.

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    OK OK
    You guys were probably asked this type of question billions of times. Ignore it then... I am reading threads in this board that will direct me to the light, sort of speak. If you want to answer the question kindly and helpfully go for it.
    If I pissed you off by asking this question, chill out, I am sorry dudes.


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    firstly, its impossible for someone to tell you how much you should charge for a shopping cart, html coding or anything of that nature. It depends on your speed and ability to code it and the complexity. That is why its important to understand the project in great detail before quoting it, you will need to consider all the time you spend on it. Also, you're not just quoting the actual design/development involved, you need to include time for administration, paperwork, meetings... things that are neccessary but not part of the design process.

    personally i think your hourly rate is a little low. read:


    for help on pricing
    Bill Erickson: resume | portfolio
    1 | 2 | 3 | 4
    Great Designs for $100

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    If you're planning on doing this a lot, the main thing is to make this guy happy, and finish with a job you are proud of. You can then go to the next person and say, "I created this; it should cost Y to do yours."

    I personally would be thrilled to get $25 an hour for web design. In the past year I spent 300+ hours (actual time on task) on this one: http://www.carrollcountyohio.com
    driving all over the county taking pictures, going to events, sitting in offices, stripping out the bad code from the newbies who did the first 10 pages, interviewing, writing copy, researching information, responding to listees, moving boxes, climbing signs, installing A/C,....

    For all that, I got $3512, took complaints that it took too much of the budget, and have not been since invited to clean up and finish the product.

    In July alone, the site saw 7500 visitors, providing 10,000 pages of info--incredibly good for this area.

    By the way, "fair price for an html page" should include a whole lot more than does it function and is it pretty. HTML pages normally include text, and good text is incredibly hard to write ( the more so because most of us were never taught). Good text takes research, lots of practice writing, and much editing.

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