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Thread: help needed if you're freelancer

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    help needed if you're freelancer

    I was pitching for contract in july and ended up having three in a same week,
    .A.one was clear three months in-house may lead to more future contracts (good package).
    .B.two was like a job for 2 months may turn to full-time. (bad package)
    .C.three was long term projects on going and non stop. (~fair package)

    After negotiated with (.A.one) and refused them because of I picked the (.C.three) long term contract which promised me much more that we need you with us, that we can do this, we can that, blah blah, blah and ended earning less bad package. no more long term project they got three project gone 1st site 48 pages, 2nd site 10 pages, 3rd site I did the templates. I got paid but very little..... If i had taken project number .A.one I could make 9k or more (What should I do "sue"?)no papers signed they went to costa rica in the mean time.
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    Without a contract I have to say you're not really covered in respect to payment/compensation/etc if something does not work out as agreed.

    I also wonder why if you rated project A as good and project C as ~fair, did you choose C? Your choice I guess.

    The only thing you can really do with regards to payment for project C is to ask them nicely, without a contract, a verbal agreement is very difficult to take to court let alone win.

    Good luck with it

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