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Thread: Flash Corporate Education Module check please

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    Flash Corporate Education Module check please

    Hi all,

    I've just completed this Flash "Corporate Social Responsibility Education Module" application for a corporate intranet. Now I'm tweaking it a bit for broadband devlivery, so I can use it on my portfolio site.

    Please could you check through it and make sure everything is working ok, especially the video and audio files that load into the custom media player. Please let me know what browser and OS you are using if you come across any problems.

    Minimum viewing requirements:
    Broadband connection
    Flash Player 6 (or Flash Player 7 Player)
    Min screen res. 1024 x 768



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    caithness massiv
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    May 2000
    i was kind of expecting the video to start playing automatically...

    also, i think you could possibly add a scrubber for the video and lose those gigantic FF>> RR<< buttons

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    Yeah, thanks,

    I agree with all of those points.

    The button design was given to me in an illustrator layout by the lead designer, so I couldn't change them even though I feel the same way as you about that. (The button design is pretty 1998-99 isn't it). Same with the decision about having to press play before the video starts, and not having a scrubber.

    I have a video player template with nice buttons and a scrubber that I built for another project than I couldn't use for this one - pity that.

    Design studio politics eh.



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