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Thread: Corrupted File Problem

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    Corrupted File Problem

    Hi, couple weeks ago my hard drive died and i lost about 100GB of different files including both of my web sites on which i had been working for a very long time. The web sites were made in flash and i still have them on the servers however those are only SWF files. However i was trying to recover my FLA files from the corrupted hard drive and i got the files back however they are... corrupted too. Now i have two questions, first of all is there any possible way to convert an *.SWF file back to a *.FLA file? (both from flash MX, and what's worse is that the swf is most likely protected from import). And second of all, is there any program that would fix corrupted flash files? I was looking for anything helpfull online but i couldn't really find anything, and the data recovery companies charge you like couple thousand dollars for that stuff so it wouldn't work either. I would really appreciate it if anyone could answer me. thanx

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    The only thing you could do is get yourself a decompiler, which should output your scripting, but you'll have to re-create your .flas from scratch and that recovered scripting.
    To my knowledge there's yet no way to edit and convert a .swf back to a .fla in one easy step!

    The fact that the .swfs were protected from import wouldn't matter to decompilers, which makes you wonder why you should protect them in the first place.

    You can check the ASViewer, but there are others...


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