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Thread: Replacing Text in a .fla II

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    Replacing Text in a .fla II


    I have movies that use Swish and create many Symbol ###'s. I want to write a program that changes the symbol names in the .fla to something meaningful. However, when I do this, an error occurs when I load the .fla into the Flash IDE. Is there a way to do this? Is the .fla file format documented somewhere where I can know how to do this?

    Thanks much!

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    for what i know, fla format isn't open (not like swf), that means, no one can mess with flas or crete them, except macromedia. You can do basically whatever you want with a swf, but not with a fla, and for what i know, there's very few info about fla format.
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    Not quite...

    RoboFlash toolkit offers the ability to save out FLA files. And, there's a PSD > FLA utility on the web somewhere.

    So, somewhere, somehow, the FLA file format is open and available from Macromedia - probably on a case-by-case basis or license situation.

    If I knew what the abilities were, I'd start writing software that would create FLAs on OS X - and only OS X because not enough tools exist for it .

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