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Thread: bounding box issue when zooming MC

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    bounding box issue when zooming MC


    I have a movie clip approx. 1100px wide, 1100px high that is scalable and draggable by the user.

    My problem is obviously this means that with standard

    if (_y>=1100)

    type code, when the MC is zoomed in or out, you are either stopped from seeing all the MC, or it can all be dragged off stage.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to the best way to stop this happening, so that when the user drags the clip they are never stopped from seeing it all, and are never able to drag it off stage.

    (they can zoom from 50% to 200%)

    Any help / tutorials or ideas would be great as this is stretching my maths ability!!!

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    so noone has any ideas then?!!

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    I think, you can try something like this:


    just an idea.

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