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    plz help flash problem ;(

    hi all i got a problem in flash where i made a signature picture for my self in photoshop 7 and tried to import it into flash to animate byt when ever i try to do something with the picture it wont edit it.. like for example when i use the line tool to put a line thru the picture it puts the line behind the picture like the picture is not there and that way i cant edit my sig and it does it to all pictures not just my sig ,, im farly new so i might of missed somethin plz help thx

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    Have you tried creating a new layer on top of the picture, and drawing in that layer?

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    ...or select the picture in the stage and CTRL+B (break apart)

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    When the picture is brought into Flash, it is treated as a bitmap. You should be aware that if you break it apart it will still look fine but it will become a Flash vector drawing as opposed to a bitmap and therefore be a more complicated piece of data for Flash to work with.
    If you can avoid breaking it apart, I would.
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