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Thread: Allot for bleed spacing.. or not?

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    Allot for bleed spacing.. or not?

    Hey fellas, kinda in a pickle here and I dont know what I should do. You see I'm designing a catalog in PS for a client and I don't know wether or not to add in space for bleed. This isn't going to a print house, but more likely to a Kinkos, or even my clients personal printer.

    I'm thinking I shouldn't have to allot for it.. and I'm designing it at 8.5 x 11.

    Any help appreciated - tnx
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    bleed and trap. both are still important if you're using press or true Postscript printing... not unless it's an extremely small run.

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    it's always a good idea to have bleed if you plan on cutting it down to the correct size. A good amount would be 1/8th (0.125) in.

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    I'm involved in something like this too so I have a similar question. I'm trying to make a business card. Now the printer told me that I had to leave 1/8th inch space around the card for bleed. Then he said he needed an additional 1/8th inch "buffer space".

    So, he said make a 3.75 inch by 2.25 inch card, leaving all graphics and text inside both areas. Yet he said they would only cut out the outer 1/8th edge, not the inner 1/8th. (said the extra 1/8th was used just in case the cut didn't go right.

    Then he said you end up with a 3.5 by 2 inch card, which doesn't make sense to me! If they only cut off the outer bleed, then my card would still be bigger than 3.5 x 2. So now I don't know where to center my damn text because I don't know where the actual center is. This sounds so retarded but I can't figure it out for some reason.

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    Create your card as 3.5 x 2 to determine centering, etc.

    Then pull out elements you wish to bleed to 1/8".

    It sounds like the outer 1/8" is the minimum space required between other cards. That area should be blank.

    If he wanted you to have artwork in the "outer 1/8" - he would have told you to make a 1/4" bleed.

    You're not alone in your confusion. Every printer has their way of doing things.

    You can also ask if he has a template file he can send you.
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    neeners is correct! The advice for a template is wise if simply to clear up any misunderstanding about dimensions.

    A 1/8" bleed is actually applied to the parameter of the document your having reproduced; thus adding a 1/4" to your height and width.
    In your case - 3.75" x 2.25. The reason for a bleed is to guarantee that there is full ink coverage.

    When setting up a document that has no image for its background (white, or stock color) most printers will simply have you generate the file at your finished dimensions.

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