Hi All,

I have checked the other threads on this subject, but I think I'm doing something slightly wrong with the Mac version...

..similar scenario as normal, creating a m'ktng CD Rom to run on both the PC and the Mac - (for Macs running OS X). Using Flash MX, and creating the movie on the PC.

The windows version works fine, and I can open PDF files with a simple :

on (release) {
fscommand("exec", "data.bat");

The data.pdf and data.bat are both in the fscommand folder, and the pdf opens ok..

When it came to the hqx projector, I changed the code, and hoped to use :

on (release) {
fscommand("exec", "/hgst/fscommand/data.pdf");

Where hgst was the volume name of the CD, and of course the data.pdf is still in the fscommand folder.

Problem is it doesn't launch the PDF in OS X .. the movie plays fine, just the buttons that don't work...

My initial thought is that the path is all wrong... especially as when stuffit expands the hqx file, the player is now on the desktop .. ie not running off the CD now ... is this where I am going wrong ?

thanks ade