Ok, a client asks me to make a little presentation cd for tuesday. They basically needed an intro for the cd. So for giving them ideas i was browsing some cool sites with cool intros until we reached:


and they loved the intro.

They said: "we want that, just change the words and that's all, but we one an intro just like that one"....so i was like you know, you can't just copy somebody elses work.

Now, I guess I can follow the same idea: little men with helmets, bring a truck, put some words in, make a logo out of the words. The animation would be quite easy, and i got enough drawing skill to draw little guys and trucks with a completelly different style than the ones of that website. Colors will be different, etc.

So, would you say this is valid? can I do that? are there copyrights for ideas? or i can follow the theme, with a different style and approach?

What i'd be doing is a rip off, or a new work with its own identity, influenced by someone elses work?