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    A simple LoadVariables problem?

    I have a relatively easy Q.

    I have used Flash 4, but recently purchased MX. I am doing my first simple app with this version.

    When I try and loadVariables from an external text file, I can hit the file, load the vars, but then it seems that I cannot do anything with them. I am simply loading a string which I will split into an array. In the debugger i can see the string that I load from the external file, and on loadVariables I can address it so that it goes to either _root or any submovie that I desire, but once it gets there I cannot seem to access this string in order to split it. I cannot even load the string into another var. It is as though it is not there. newVar=myString results in newVar being "undefined".

    I suspect that I am missing something very simple.

    Any ideas?


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    are you making sure your variable string (which is loaded for parsing by the flash player) follows the format:
    "&myvar1=value1&myvar2=value2&myvar3=value3&myvar4 =value4"
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