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Thread: Whats New In Release 4?

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    Whats New In Release 4?


    Just Wundering, whats new in Release 4, that isnt in Release 3?

    - Luke
    Luke Coulton, User since V3.0

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    very different

    the scripting is more like action script, in 3 it was javascript that acted like action script, now we have nearly identical scripting as is in flash mx so tutorials and such for MX are easier to apply. Also the script too is MUCH more powerful with many new properties available and things like XML, Browser commands are totaly new.

    The way actions and events are handled are completely different as well, and you can combine effects to built your own custom effects that you can reuse later.

    there are more things like Dynamic HTML, Scroll bars for any text box and more that I can't think of.

    Also v4 is more stable, the preview is more reliable compared to export. File sizes for exported files are much smaller

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    export file sizes

    all of my files are exporting larger
    instead of smaller.
    the same files i exported in v3.72
    are almost doubled in size(or even bigger)
    when exported in v4.
    i have experienced this in the beta 4's
    all the way thru to v4.4
    is there an added step to be
    taken when exporting?

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