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Thread: external variable help please another question

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    external variable help please another question

    thanks for the code earlier worked great sorry for being nuisance

    but i got another question

    i am trying to load a variable txt file in to the main time line in flash and i want to also set a variable in the txt file that will change the document color in my flash file is this possible can you help please

    thankyou in advance

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    Practically anything's possible in Flash, so long as you know how to be sneaky and inovative enough.

    I'm not sure you can change the document background in AS, but you can always get round that problem with having a mask (symbol with an instance name) covering the document, acting as a background. Then, in your variable you store an RGB value (i.e. a colour). Then, with the conventional colour tools in AS, you can set the symbol instance to that colour.

    I don't know the exact code for colouring in AS, it's not something I use, so you'll need to look into that.

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