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Thread: including and excluding external actionscript

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    including and excluding external actionscript

    what i am wanting to do is when the time line hits a certain frame iam wanting to including external actionscript from a text file then when i rewind the movie clip and alter the external actionscript text file i am wanting my movie once again when it hits the frame that i have used the #include command to include the external actionscript i am wanting the movie clip to use the updated external action script at the moment the movie clip will only include the first external action script and will not update when i rewind and alter the external eaction script as any one any ideas what i am doing wrong

    thanks in advance

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    so you are writing new actionscript while your movie plays?
    Or is it just plain variables (or could perhaps be reduced to plain variables) that you can load from a server?
    [If you want to call existing functions, you could define the variable format to include a function name and arguments]

    Actually #include'ing is not really possible becuse #include happens when you publish the movie. Loading a "movie" (just a background tag and some published actionscript) from the server is possible if you use a server program that can compile actionscript, but it may be overkill


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